For New DDP Students

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The DDP students are supposed to submit a sufficient score from one of the international tests accepted by ITU Senate ( The list can be found under ‘DUAL-DIPLOMA PROGRAM, LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS’ on our website). The score reports of those international tests should be submitted to DDP Preparatory Program Coordination Office in Macka before the classes start.

The DDP Students cannot take Language Proficiency Test given by ITU School of Foreign Language. The students who cannot submit an official language proficiency score before the classes start and who will start the language preparatory program are supposed to take the Placement Test, which will be given on September 11th2018. The students can also apply to the desk of DDP Preparatory Program in Suleyman Demirel Center in Ayazaga Campus for additional information during the registration days.

Proficiency Exam Registrations

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1-Step : Application for Exam
Application Date : 9-18 July 2018 (Until 5:00 pm)
In order to take the exam, you must fill out the online application form and pay the applicable fees.
Click Here to Apply for the Exam

2-Step : Exam Fee

After completing the online application process, you must pay the applicable exam fee for yourself at a Vakifbank branch between July 9-18, 2018 (till 5 pm). While paying the fee, you must provide your registration number that is given to you during the application process, your name and last name, and for the explanation “İngilizce Yeterlilik Sınavı Sınav Ücreti” to be included in the payment receipt. The exam fees must always be paid by hand at a branch office. You cannot use ATMs, EFT or other wiring systems.

Click Here to Check the Applicable Exam Fees

Exam Date and Time

First Session : July 24, 2018 (10:00 am)

Second Session (Only students who have passed the first session can take this session): July 26, 2018 (10:00 am)


Documents Required for the First Session

1) Examination Entrance Document

2) ITU Student card (For students who are already studying at ITU)

3) A valid identification card (Passport for foreigners)

June 2018 Proficiency Exam 1st Session Results ans 2nd Session Venues

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Please find attached results of the 1st session and venues of the 2nd session.

Only those who have been successful in the 1st session are eligible to enter the 2nd session.

There is no exam entrance document for the 2nd session. Please bring your official ID and student ID (if one has been provided for you) with you.

Do not use pens; only use dark pencils.

1st Session Results

2nd Session Venues

June 2018 Proficiency Exam Registrations

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The registration system will be open between May 15th and 30th for June 2018 Proficiency Exam Registrations. You can complete the registration process through Student Affairs page. (You can change the registration page language into English by clicking on the link on the upper right corner.)

Please read the instructions carefully, and pay extra attention to the explanation to be written on your payment receipt while in the bank branch. Never use an ATM or EFT for payment.

You can find previous years’ exams at the bottom of this page in the “Useful Links” section.

In-House Training Sessions held at ITU SFL

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Our school held a conference on ‘Learning to Teach a Foreign Language’ on May 4, 2018. The event is organized as an in-house training for the instructors at ITU SFL. In the conference, Hacer Şivil (ITU SFL) has delivered a speech on “Language Training Evaluation and Accreditation- DEDAK”, Prof. Dr. Gianni Giardino (University of Versailles) has given a speech onThe Role of Pedagogical Mediation and media exposure in Languge Teaching”, Prof. Dr.André Giordan (University of Geneva) has shared his invaluable knowledge in his presentation called “Learning to Teach a Foreign Language” and lastly, Dr Mark Meirowitz concluded the conference with his thought-provoking presentation on “Applied Learning Strategies and Teaching Techniques to Keep Student Interest”



Our School has been Accredited by CEA

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The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation(CEA) is a specialized accrediting agency that focuses on post-secondary intensive English language programs and institutions. CEA’s purpose is to provide a systematic approach by which programs and institutions can demonstrate their compliance with accepted standards, pursue continuous improvement, and be recognized for doing so. CEA conducts accreditation activities in the U.S. and internationally. CEA, headquartered in Washington DC, is the only institution authorized by the United States Department of Education to award accreditation documents in the field of language education in the United States.As CEA is a member of the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPAs), the accreditation authority is equated with ABET in Engineering, AACSB in Business and NAAB in Architecture.

Within the framework of the importance that Istanbul Technical University is giving on improvement on education,  ITU School of Foreign Languages has written a report under 10 main titles (Mission, Curriculum, Faculty, Facilities, Equipment, and Supplies, Administrative and Fiscal Capacity, Student Services, Recruiting, Length and Structure of the Program of Study, Student Achievement, and Student Complaints) and 52 standards, and presented it to CEA in 2017. ITU School of Foreign Languages,which was accredited for 5 years in 2012, has been re-accredited by the CEA commission gathered in April 2018 for 9 years (April 2018 – April 2027). The institution aims to improve the continuity of accreditation by preparing annual reports.