Each Test Office staff member has from three to ten plus years of experience in English language testing. The Test Office measures students’ progress during the school year by producing monthly in-year exams and also prepares Proficiency Exams, which determine whether students have sufficient English to enter their faculties.

In addition, the Test Office writes the in-year exams for prep students in ITU’s Dual Degree Program, where students are preparing for the TOEFL. Tests prepared for this program have TOEFL-type questions and measure students’ progress towards being able to pass the TOEFL.

The Test Office produces tests that assess students’ understanding of grammar and vocabulary as well as evaluate students’ English in all four skill areas (reading, writing, listening and speaking). The Test Office also produces tests for companies and organizations outside of ITU according to their specific needs.

Daniel Cupery
E-Mail: cupery@itu.edu.tr